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Quarter horse américain Hongre 11 Ans 157 cm Rouan Bleu
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Louisville 40299 États-Unis
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Le American quarter horse, appelé aussi le quarter horse, a pris naissance aux États-Unis et est la race la plus importante du cheval dans le monde. On les chevaux enregistrés trimestre 4,6 millions dans le monde entier environ. La race a son origine au XVIIe siècle, quelle riche planteur de Virgini ... En savoir plus sur la race de cheval Quarter horse américain
Quarter horse américain
11 Ans
157 cm
Rouan Bleu


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Place your bid at PlatinumEquineAuction dot com
Auction Starts April 24th and ends May 8th
$3500 Starting bid	
11yr old 15.2hh blue roan quarter horse gelding
If your looking for a big, stout, colored gelding with the beauty, Brains, and looks that you want absolutely look no further!!!
He has a nice long mane and super thick tail
He Carrys the JB brand on his Left hip and more brands on his left butt cheek
He is super big boned and footed
He has a nice trot and slow lope
He is super soft in the face
Will frame up and work beautifully on the bit Or ride him on a loose rein one handed he doesn’t care
Bliss has a super nice handle, pull the bridle off of him and trot/ lope him with no bridle
Will trot and lope around the arena with nothing on him (no bridle or rope)
He is super responsive and does absolutely everything you ask of him with no questions
He has a nice stop, back and handle
Lope him around with a tarp/ flag or bull whip he doesn’t care
He was previously used on a ranch to check cattle and fences
Has also been used as a turn back mount in the pasture to help rope cows
He been used on the race track go pony racehorses and colts
If your looking for a super nice pony horse he’s your man!
He has been rode through all kinds of obstacle courses
Crosses through water, over bridges, over logs, up and down big hills/ditches you name it!
If your looking for a SUPER SUPER BOMBPROOF trail mount you won’t find another like him!
He is the most honest, brave and gentle trail mount you could ask for!
Would confidently let my 90 year old grandma/ grandpa trail ride him
He has been trail ride to town/ down your major hwys, around big rigs, and to the gas station
He will also take you inside of tractor supply if that’s what you desire!
He will pack you around your sandy trails to your mountains
He’s one you could take on a week long trail ride and he will never back down on you!
I cannot extent ENOUGH on how safe he is on the trails
100% traffic safe
Used to all farm equipment/ dogs
Stalls and turns out quietly
Rides out confidently alone or in a group
No vices
100% sound
No maintenance what’s so ever
Great for the vet/ farrier
Great to bathe, load, clip, tie
If you want a big stout all arounder that’s absolutely safe for anyone to jump on and trail ride/ show he’s here waiting for you!
Would make a perfect 4H/ Open show mount for a kid/ adult wanting to do trail/ ranch pleasure classes or obstacle courses!
This guy is the KIND and the KIND you want standing in your barn and have the pleasure of saying you own!
Let his videos speak for himself!!
You will drive the wheels off your truck trying to find another like him!
Please contact Witts End Quarter Horses for more information – 9106354402
Located in Fayetteville NC
Can arrange shipping anywhere
Place your bid at PlatinumEquineAuction dot com
Auction Starts April 24th and ends May 8th
$3500 Starting bid


Fayetteville NC 28301


Platinum Equine Auction
Louisville 40299
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