Frison Croisé Hongre 4 Ans 165 cm Noir in Mount Vernon, MO
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COSMO 4 Yr old 16.1hh Black Friesian/Percheron Gelding

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Needmore, PA 17238 États-Unis
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Les grands et majestueux frisons proviennent de la province de Frise aux Pays-Bas. Ils servirent les maisons royales d' Europe de nombreuses années en tant que chevaux d'attelage, mais ont été négligé au XIXe siècle, si bien que l'élevage de perles noires fût délaissé et les Frisons passèrent de mod ... En savoir plus sur la race de cheval Frison
4 Ans
165 cm
English Pleasure
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CONSIGNOR CONTACT: Silver Arrow Ranch 660-553-1999
LOCATION: Mount Vernon, MO
BREED: Friesian/Percheron
COLOR: Black
HEIGHT: 16.1
AGE: 4
GENDER: Gelding

You’ll drive the wheels off your pickup trying to find one as unique and athletic as this Friesian/Percheron cross!
“Cosmo” is a 4-year-old, 16.1 hand, jet black gelding. He has the heavy bone and feathered foot that we all love in a draft cross with a the Friesian flare!
Cosmo is a true gentleman and a pleasure to ride. He collects up, is soft in your hands, moves off your leg and has a beautiful handle. Cosmo has all the moves and buttons you could ever need- picks up his leads, side passes, bends, flexes, smooth stop, etc. Talk about an elegant mover, he is so comfortable to ride.
Nothing fazes this levelheaded gelding. We’ve ridden him extensively on trails, in the mountains of Colorado and out in the pasture- we have not found a single thing that bothers him. We have ridden him through our obstacle course with flappy tarps and lots of “scary” props, he is a brave young gelding. Carry flags, cross water/bridges- you name it he goes and does whatever you ask of him!
A phenomenal English/dressage prospect with his big floaty trot and beautifully collected frame. Cosmo has been taken over small jumps, but he has really been enjoying dressage lessons, he shows a lot of promise and is fun to school on.
Cosmo is also an amazing driving horse! He is easy to hook, traffic safe and loves going on trips to town. This big gelding is STUNNING hooked up, trotting down the road- truly a sight to see!
If you are looking for a sweet natured, friendly gelding- Cosmo is your man. He is easy to catch, loves to be groomed and pleasant to be around. Stands quietly to be saddled and bridled. He is an absolute gentleman to step on, he will not rush you or step off until asked. Great to shoe, sound and up to date on routine maintenances. Sells with a PPE exam!
Mount Vernon, MO


Needmore, PA 17238
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